Cannabis is a psychoactive drug from the cannabis plant used for medicinal or recreational purposes. In as much as cannabis can be used for medicinal purposes, some people use it for stimulation. The use of cannabis may have far-fetched physical and mental effects as it mostly alters one’s ability to make sound judgements.

In view of the above, therefore, this article focuses on the physical effects of cannabis, with the main ones outlined below:

  • The use of cannabis leads to respiratory complications. Like tobacco smoke, cannabis smoke also causes irritation to the lungs. Smokers of both substances often exhibit the same breathing disorders that may include phlegm and daily cough. They are also prone to recurrent lung illness and face a greater threat of getting lung infections. However, researchers have not established a greater lung cancer prevalence among cannabis smokers.
  • Use of cannabis increases the heart rate. Cannabis often increases heart rate for a period that may exceed 3 hours post smoking. This puts the smoker at risk of heart attack, the risk that is also facedby older people and people with cardiovascular problems.
  • Cannabis use can cause development complications during and post pregnancy. A study established that close to 20% of expectant women below the

    age of 24 years tested positive for cannabis. The study, however, noted that most of these cases get discovered via a drug test, adding that very few of them are actually self-reported. The research also reported that medics were concerned about the increasing use of cannabis to treat nausea, a trend they warned against. Important to note is also the fact that there is no research linking cannabis to miscarriage in humans. However, this is not the case in animals since there were indications that cannabis use in early pregnancy stages increased the chances of miscarriage. According to research, there is a relationship between cannabis use in pregnancy and development disorders in children. Hyperactivity in children has also been found to be related to cannabis use during pregnancy. The risk of stillbirth cannot be overlooked also. Cannabis buy weed online has the potential to negatively affect brain development. Women should thus be advised against the use of cannabis before, during and while lactating. It is recommended that more researches be conducted on this subject matter.

  • Use of cannabis causes extreme nausea and vomiting. Repeated long-term use of cannabis at times causes some people to develop Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome, according to the leading Canadian online dispensary. This, in turn, causes smokers to experience consistent extreme nausea, vomiting and dehydration that sometimes require urgent medical attention.

The above are just some of the negative physical effects of cannabis. Moreover, more research is needed on this subject.

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