Canadian online dispensary

How to Advertising a marijuana dispensary

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinTumblrLike all entrepreneurs, cannabis dispensary owners need to promote and market their trade. “Promote or perish”, they say. Advertising a marijuana dispensary in a setting with strict marketing laws is a concern for most dispensaries. Irrespective of whether you operate your business in a state that legalized medical marijuana only or in one that legalized both medical and recreational marijuana, you have restrictions on advertising cannabis products and…

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Magic mushroom

Where to buy magic mushrooms in Canada

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinTumblrHallucinogens are known for altering the perception of one’s reality. However, not all hallucinogens are addictive but that being the case, they can still pose serious health risks to their users.  Recently the government of Canada allowed patients with terminal cancer to get psilocybin therapy to reduce their pain during…

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