Pre-rolls are cannabis that are in form of joints and ready for consumption. They are formed when ground up weed in twisted in a rolling paper. The product can be bought individually or in packets of whatever quantity one likes. The price of the pre-roll joints depends on various factors like quality and quantity. There are various types of cannabis brands that can be filled into pre-rolls. These include indica, Sativa, hybrid strains or high-CBD strain. To make certain pre-rolls more powerful, you can mix them with THC oils, kiefs and other extracts. This article will focus on the key types of pre-roll joints that are popular to many users as follows:

Willie’s Reserve

Willie Nelson was a pioneer celeb to delve into Colorado’s weed industry He bought up crop farming permits and partnered with established growers to form a powerful pre-roll store. In terms of standards, he has set the bar high and sells strain specific products at $12 per gram. It is tricky to light up Willie Reserve joints and takes time before you get the best hits in case they are tightly packed.

Chong’s Choice

Tommy Chong has helped to invent the pop culturization of cannabis and come up buy weed online Canada with stoner comedy. The brand Chong’s Choice pre-roll  has been around for a short time and it is getting stronger because of the many positive reviews. The brand has already won an award for being endorsed by a celebrity. Chong’s Choice pre-rolls are presented in packs of five each with 0.7 grams. Each pack is specific as regards the strain used. This type of pre-roll burns excellently compared to Willie Reserve. Its flavour however is not the best.


These pre-rolls are the most executive choices in this list. The product is made from cavier  which is weed dipped in hash oil and twisted in kief. They are not aimed to be used by just a single individual. Though the flavour is not the best due to usage of hash oil, the ingredients used to make it are great.


This is a pre-roll that aims at creating its own unique niche in the pre-roll subsector. It is formed by mixing high CBD and low THC strains for the experienced smkoker. The aim of Toast is to offer user the oral fixation that they seek without stoned feeling. The pre-roll is mixed with Satva strain to enable the user not to feel drowsy.

Honest Blunt

They are very rare in dispensaries because they take long time to roll them online dispensary canada Most of the fans of Honest Blunt prefer twisting their own joints. They are miniature in size with a small amount wrapped inside a dry hemp leaf.

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