What is the Cannabis Cup?

It is the global leading cannabis event and trade show, celebrating the world of ganja through competitions, educational seminars, expositions, superstar appearances, concerts, product showcases, and more. Hosted in states that have legalized scientific and leisure marijuana, the Cannabis Cup stands as the primary gathering region for the cannabis community to network and celebrate.

The unique Cannabis Cup held in 1988 in Amsterdam and has since expanded to the U.S. and abroad with the passage of clinical and recreational laws. Cup held in Northern and Southern California, Denver, Seattle, Michigan, and Jamaica, with new places introduced every year.

Can I Smoke Weed at Cannabis Cup?

Cannabis Cups in recreational states are open to every person 21 or over, and smoking completely allowed.  In medical states, the tournament is open to all adults 18 and over, however, to enter the medicating vicinity where smoking is free; you must have a legitimate clinical card or recommendation. All of our Cups are BYOB—bring your own bud. Smoke your very own stash, or come empty-handed and browse our vendors to discover your new preferred strain.

Is There a Competition?

The competition is what clearly makes a cannabis cup a Cannabis Cup. Since 1988, HIGH TIMES has been handing out awards to the best of the best in cannabis, and in 2017, we’re reformatting our competition, making each and every city a “Regional Competition” that will culminate at the end of the year with the “World Championship Cannabis Cup.” Competitors submit entries in advance of each Cup in the following categories: Flowers (Sativa, Indica, Hybrid), concentrates (Sativa, Indica, Hybrid), CBD (Flowers, Concentrates, Edibles), Non-Solvent Hash, Edibles, Topical, Vale Pen Cartridges and Medically Infused Products (MIPs—includes Moon Rocks, Caviars, etc.). At the end of the year, businesses placing in the top 10 of each category in their regional competition will qualify for entry into the World Championship Cup.

How Judges Work

Entries scored using a two-tiered digital system that consists of a qualitative rating that comes from judges and a quantitative score that comes from lab results. The qualitative rating accounts for about seventy-five percent of the total, with judges looking at aroma, taste, visual aesthetics, and stone. Other factors fluctuate by category.

Wait, who are these judges? Can I be one?

All judges are professionals or experts from the cannabis industry who have proven noticeably excessive stages of cannabis expertise and are extremely devoted to both the motive and the project of judging. HIGH TIMES makes use of an online-application technique to select judges from around the world to take part and winners and competitors from past Cups are stimulated to apply for judging (in a town far away from their own) to see our technique from the inside! Access to the application is as simple as asking a HIGH TIMES workforce member who is willing to vouch for your expertise. However, judging starts before the competition, so it is integral that you will be reachable in the area leading up to the event.

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