Regardless of the tremendous effects of bhang, it is prescribed by medical practitioners when a patient in the hospital is diagnosed with a defect that could be cured by consuming weed. It should be noted, however, that the doctor will issue a clear and precise procedure for taking the narcotic drug to avoid its abuse.

In this case, a patient may be given consent to take bhang in censored proportions either orally by taking tablets, syrups or cooked in food or by taking an injection. Each mechanism induced to consume the drug is equally important and requires a doctor’s directive. This article covers cooked marijuana which is prepared and taken in the same way as food. 

Many people lack the basic skills to prepare cooked bhang which implies total change in the taste of the drug. It may also loose the whole nutritional value. Proper decarboxylation is required in order to obtain the full medicinal value without denitrifying it. The main aim of decarboxylation is to heat the marijuana to achieve a temperature that cannot be generated in the stomach during digestion. A typical procedure to attain a proper cooking with marijuana dictates that; 

You heat a normal sufuria up to a temperature of about 115°C and cover it with a paper to ensure heat is not easily lost to the environment. After heating and attaining the temperature, you break the weed into smaller pieces using your hand and place the buds in the sufuria at one point.

Bake for about half an hour until the weed colour changes the remove and put it aside and wait for it to cool. Once it has cooled, distribute it around the sufiria and return it to the heat point, this time round covering it with aluminum foil and boil for about one and half hours then remove and allow it to cool once more then remove the aluminum foil and store it in a cool, dry place out of reach of children. 

To achieve a better prepared marijuana, one has to be careful and considerate enough not to miss a step in order to attain quality output. One must consider the freshness of the marijuana so as to be able to estimate the time it will take to boil a sample pot of cannabis.

Normally, the more fresh a bhang is, the lesser time it take to boil and relatively, the less fresh the cannabis is, the longer time it take to completely boil. Failure to observe and weigh between the two factors, one risks preparing a tasteless marijuana. In an extreme carelessness, a person could end up spoiling the whole nutrition and medicinal content of the weed. It is therefore advisable that anyone anticipating to consume cooked marijuana to either click here to buy weed online or seek the prowess of a skilled cook or learn to prepare it themselves in a more tactical manner.

This is important because once you are taking coked marijuana under prescription from a medical practitioner, and you happen to loose the taste from the very first time, you may end up loosing interest and fail to follow the prescription hence failing to complete the dosage. It is therefore critical to consider how you prepare your weed for medicinal benefit. 

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