Bored of vaping cannabis to get high or the healing you get from using it? Then cooking cannabis edibles is the solution for you. Cannabis when taken into our body it changes the functioning of the nervous system by altering our behavior, perception, consciousness, mood, cognition, or performance improvement. This article focuses on what and how we can cook with cannabis. 

What we can cook with cannabis 

You can prepare cannabis edibles in the comfort of your home instead of buying packed cannabis edibles at the local hospital near you. The edibles are held in increasing the food appetite if one does not have, reducing the pain and nausea in the body. The preparation of cannabis edibles is easy and fun. The most popular edibles you can make are cookies and pot brownies. You can also prepare cheese, barbecue sauce, nut butter, guacamole, tea, chocolate, and many other edibles with cannabis. 

How to cook with cannabis 

It depends on the mood and state you are in when cooking your cannabis edible. It depends also on the time you want to eat the edible and what you expect to experience either during daytime or nighttime. You may decide to reduce the content of cannabis during the daytime so that the effect of the substance does not interfere with your day-to-day life. 

For example, if you want to bake cookies with cannabis you must follow these simple steps to get the best results. 

First, decarboxylate the cannabis  

Remember, for you to get the THC and CBD in cannabis that is needed in the body to get the results that you want you must heat it. 

Follow these simple steps 

Heat the oven to 240°F, this temperature will not destroy the THC and the CBD, that we want to be active for they have a higher boiling point. 

Cut your cannabis into small pieces and place it on a sheet of paper. 

Place the content in the oven for heating. 

Monitor it for almost forty minutes until the leaves are golden brown. 

Remove the content from the one and leave it to cool. 

Second, infuse the heated cannabis in butter to make cannabutter. The butter is used to bake the cookies that had planned to prepare as edible. Follow these steps to prepare the butter. 

Put a quart of water in a medium-sized saucepan. 

Place it on your turn on the gas cooker to bring it to a boil. 

Add the pieces of butter that you had planned to use to the boiling water and leave the butter to melt completely. 

Add the cannabis that you had heated earlier to the boiling content. Reduce the heat of the gas to leave the mixture to simmer for about three hours to ensure that the mixture starts thickening on the top. 

Use a cheesecloth to filter the liquid butter. 

Allow the liquid butter to cool do one hour. 

Place the cooked liquid butter in the fridge to get a spread texture of the butter. 

Use this butter to make your cookies and there you will have your desired cannabis cookies. 

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