CBD oil is uses for anxiety relief, also helps to deal or prevent disorders brought about by anxiety, which includes panic disorders and post traumatic stress disorder. The following is how CBD oil is used for anxiety relief.


CBD dosage points the amount to 40MG taken in through the mouth. This is effective especially for social anxiety treatment. Some other anxiety disorders, for example the post-traumatic stress disorder may need more than the 40MG of CBD. Also it all depends on the type of anxiety and how it has spread, or the person has been suffering for long.This is the degree of  the extent of the anxiety type. The degree gives the correct amount of the CBD oil needed to treat a particular anxiety.

Using the sublingual way to digest the CBD oil whereby you let the CBD oil absorb in the under of your tongue. This way you will be able to get the results faster than other forms of ingesting the drug. For example applying like a cream to the skin.

How the CBD oil is uses for anxiety relief works

Once the CBD oil is taken sublingually, orally or by just applying it like a lotion to your skin directly, the body’s receptors are stimulated to produce endocannabinoid; a neurotransmitter that connects to the receptor cannabinoid in the nervous system.

Once the endocannabinoid is produced it is able to reacts with cannabinoid 1 receptor found in the central nervous system and cannabinoid 2 receptor found in the nervous system which brings out a calming effect in the general nervous system hence dealing with anxiety.

Serotonin altering

Low serotonin is common to people who have depression cases. Inadequate serotonin causes anxiety. CBD oil helps to manage and balance the serotonin to prevent depression and anxiety. These people are mainly treated by (SSRI) Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors which includes Zoloft among others. This makes it important to consult your doctor before changing the medicine to start using CBD oil, and also the doctor can prescribe you on the amount of CBD to take.

Side effects

Apart from the above CBD oil is uses for anxiety relief, every dosage or drug has some side effects because it alters the body functioning and tries to boast. As the case CBD oil may have some following side effects for example diarrhoea, fatigue, change in weight, and change in appetite.

In conclusion, shop CBD Luxe is proven to relieve people and pets of anxiety as long as the precautions and doctor’s prescription is taken into account. Because of the rising demand of this particular CBD oil use it is advisable to always ask help from the manufacturers, doctors or any who has specialized for this drug or one can also read the manufacturer’s instructions for effective use.

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