CBD stands for Cannabidiol which is produced from the cannabis plant. Pet products CBD are foodstuffs for tamed animals that are added with a certain amount of the cannabis extraction and are manufactured to treat and nourish the tamed animals Phantom weed online

Types of pet products CBD 

The following are some of the products for common pets: 

CBD for cats; 

Oil Tinctures- these are extracted from hemp plant and boots your cat’s immunity. 

Soft Chews- they come in variety of flavors and nourishes the cat. 

Bundles- they boost the cat’s immunity. 

CBD for dogs; 

Oil Tinctures- helps to control seizures. 

Hard Chews- they boost the dog’s immunity. 

Calming Tinctures and Calming Chews- they reduce anxiety. 

Hip and joint Chews- help relieve pain. 

Soft Chews- they reduce inflammation. 

Bundles- For good health of your dog. 

Peanut butter- they are good treats for dogs. 

Topicals- they help relieve pain and treat allergies. 

Factors to consider when buying pet products CBD 

Certification. Check if the production company is certified to produce the products. This will assure you of quality products. 

Check if the production company is well known for producing the product. You can check the reviews from customers in the internet. 

Type of product you want. There are variety of products, choose one that best suits your pet’s needs. 

Method of extraction. There are various method of extracting CBD but the best is Supercritical CO2 extraction. 

The type of pet you have. For instance, if it is a dog, you will buy CBD products for dogs

The age of your pet. Is it a full-grown pet or a newly born pet? For newly born pets you might want to be careful when selecting the products. 

Expiry date. If a product has expired and you give your pet, it may tend to harm your pet. 

Dosage. It is important to check the dosage and follow it strictly according to the instructions given. 


They help relieve pain. 

They help reduce anxiety. 

They help reduce convulsions and seizures in pets. 

They act as antidepressants (stress reliever). 

They prevent cancer. 

They boost the pet’s immunity. 

They treat allergies. 


The pet may get drowsy at times after using the product. 

Most products are not regulated. 


I highly recommend the use of CBD products for pets as a lot of research has been done by scientists and positive results recorded. 

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