Organic magic mushrooms contain psilocybin which is believed to be the best treatment for mental disorders. Such disorders include anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress. The organic shroom, as many people call them, alters one’s state of mind and creates a state of happiness. There are over 1000 species of these mushrooms and some include; coenocyte, psilocybe cubensis, and panaeolus. They do not share a common habitat. Organic mushrooms grow in different areas globally. In Canada, there are various places where one can purchase these organic drugs. This is mainly done online.  

The prices of a kilogram of organic mushrooms have been relatively fair and constant over a long period. This is because most of these products are grown by various farmers indoors. It’s a profitable business hence it is practiced by a vast majority of farmers. Psilocybin is illegal in Canada. For you to produce or even poses it, you ought to be having a license or a prescription. For the online companies or dispensaries, as they are mainly referred to, they are strictly restricted to sell to only patients with prescriptions.  

The online dispensaries make it easy to pace orders whether you have a prescription or not. This is because if a dispensary is found dealing with different people from the ones allowed, as an individual, you are safe. The dispensary itself will be prosecuted and not its clients. They are also safe with money transactions in comparison to finding a local dealer. It is, therefore, best to purchase your products online.  

There is a major competition for clients with all the online dispensaries trying their best to advertise their products. Some deliver to your doorstep providing you live within Canada. With 24/7 customer service, these companies make it easy to purchase your daily dosage of the shroom, be it micro dose, Mexican, blue meanies, golden teacher, and many other names that the products of the magic shroom go by.  

Due to the high number of companies that trade in this product, some companies have gone the extra mile to provide free shipping to their clients. This takes up to 3 days to arrive at your doorstep. If you are a first-timer, you are guaranteed a discount on your first order.  

Before posting some of the products online, various sites carry out some tests to ensure that they deliver quality products to their customers. This way you are guaranteed to have quality time going about the products with your friends. They aim at removing the gut rot feeling that comes about with ingesting dried mushrooms.  

As a security measure, most companies package their orders discreetly. For additional security, they place your order in airtight bags. It means that you are sure to get what you ordered and in good quality. Some offer a team of highly trained personnel who will guide you and answer any question regarding how to go about their products, especially micro doses.  

Before settling for a given site, I would advise that you go through all the sites and their various customer reviews. This way, you will be settling for a company that aims at satisfying its clients, delivering quality products, and not all about making money.  

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