History and research have proved that cannabis edibles have existed in the market for as long as the music and entertainment industry ever existed on earth. In those states where marijuana has been legalised, a diversified variety of weed products including infused drinks have been dispensed out widely to satisfy customer demand.  

Such products include; 

  • Pabst Blue Ribbon Cannabis Seltzers 
  • Medical Cannabis Edibles 
  • CBD Oil  
  • Curaleaf  

What Are Edibles? 

Edibles are smoke free alternatives to consumption of dry weed. Edible weed products are of a wide variety from beverages to foods to brownies that happen to have been infused with cannabis extracts or concentrates alternatively. This need arose due to the discovery that the onset time to feel the effects of weed is typically longer in edibles than in smoking.  

How Edibles Work 

After consumption of weed has taken place, the weed active ingredients are absorbed into the bloodstream through the digestive tract. After the diffuse into the bloodstream they are transported to the liver where they are metabolized. These active ingredients are then allowed to diffuse further into the brain and the entire nervous system as blood continues to circulate through the body thereby producing an effect. This effect in normally higher than the normal logical feeling thereby the famous use of the high feeling phrase.  

Pros of using CBD Edibles 

  • No risk of lung diseases as they are smoke free 
  • Their effects last longer when consumed rather than inhaled 

Cons of using CBD Edibles 

  • Risk of over consumption due to delayed onset of drug effects 

The Edibles include: 

  1. Cannabis Seltzers 

This are beverage cans of lemon seltzer that have been infused with Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) ingredient of weed that is normally psycho active.  

Seltzer is a non-alcoholic product that has been infused with THC and additional ingredients like pure water, lemon concentrate and sugar among other flavours.  

This product aims at people who are not super professional users of weed but happen to have some experience with the herb. This is because its effects are mild. Therefore, this product eases concern on become too intoxicated.  

  1. Medical CBD Edibles 

Patients suffering from chronic pain and other conditions` recovery have been aided by the use of marijuana products. This has been applicable only where the doctors are allowed and licenced to use this form of medication.  

This form of medication has been improved from the indigenous use of pipes, joints and vaporizers to marijuana tinctures or taints, cannabis patches, tropical, ingestible products and beverages.  

Medical marijuana is prepared among other several ways of extraction its extracted into cannabutter that is later used in the production of ingestible medical products like pot brownies, savory dishes and pot cookies.  

  1. CBD Oil 

CBD Oil is a product of cannabis that is produced from the addition of CBD extracted from the cannabis plant to an additional carrier oil like hemp seed oil or coconut oil. This is the most preferable form of product used as it does not contain the psycho active effects of marijuana spotted in THC therefore solely used in medical platforms like pain relieving get marijuana delivered .  

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