There is a massive difference between the type of bong and the material used. When we talk about the material used it revolves around glass, bamboo, wax, plastics, etc. Upon mentioning of type of bongs we look at the type of bongs, we look at the specialization on a certain object, and for example, you can have a glass bong which is either round-based or straight. We are going to look at the type of designs used in making bongs. In this case, you can use the term category of bongs.

Straight tube bongs are those that are designed from a straight tube. It usually has a mouthpiece on one end and a bowl placement on the bottom. They are the simplest blogs to be made and also the cheapest design. Beaker shaped bongs have similar similarities with an expectation that their base is more molded into a cone-like shape; hence there are more stable compared to others. Round based bongs have a spherical like bottom; therefore they are not permanent since their flat surface is not in contact with the ground. However, the spherical, round and straight use more less the same mechanism for their operation.

Multi-chambered bongs are probably the most expensive designs to build. Its composition of various straight tubes with different shaped makes its operation even tricky. However, its complexion makes it right to achieve clean smoke i.e., it has chambers, both upper and lower, which hold water so that the smoke can be filtered twice. Such kind of blogs is appropriate during parties since it can be used by many people at a time. The percolator blogs come in just like the straight, round, or beaker blogs. It is only unique because of the percolator, which is a piece of glass that fritters away the smoke afterward, it is continuously passed through the water present in the chamber for purification or filtration. This serves purposefully for the smoke to be filtered and cool faster. Due to the complexity of the multi-chambered and percolator, it makes it difficult for them to be cleaned.

Some of the honorable mentions designed are bucket gravity bong and water gravity bong, which rely on the vacuum for their operation. Carburetor and homemade bongs are also types of designs.
In conclusion, the choice of a design depends on the type of materials available. As we have seen, some use more tubes than other, and the time dedicated in designing the bong also varies. Therefore, it is wise to choose the design that suits you best. Though, this is not put into consideration. Individuals always go by the slogan, as long as we have smoked it, you know some cannot afford the bongs leading to others just sniffing the marijuana powder. All in all, we all have a variety of designs to choose from, as highlighted above.

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