Mushrooms are fungi growing with a dome-shaped cap on top of a stalk. Mushrooms are of many types, both edible and non-edible.

Magic mushroom is a non-edible type of mushroom with hallucination effects upon consumption. 

This hallucinations effect of magic mushrooms has been utilized for medicinal and recreational purposes.

Magic mushrooms in Canada are unavailable on the market like other goods because of the regulations for use.

While it is illegal for recreational use, the Canadian government considered legalizing it for medicinal purposes.

Therefore, a buyer must know places and dealers well to gain access. It is simple and easy to buy mushrooms online following the following tips.

This article reviews considerations for buying magic mushrooms in Canada.

1. Select an Excellent Online Dealer

With the rise of cybercrime activities across the Canadian nation, it is essential to do thorough research on different dealers and their legitimacy in legally delivering quality mushrooms.

The dealer should be widely recognized and their portfolio visible to the public to ensure they can be trustworthy. A buyer should not succumb to manipulation from dealers on social media.

2. Select the Variety of Magic Mushroom

Like any other plant, magic mushrooms have different plant varieties, each with its unique features by the strength and severity of its effects. Before deciding to purchase from a dealer, a buyer should ensure the dealer offers a variety of products with their description. Click here for Golden Mammoth Shrooms

This consideration will ensure the arrival of the required variety of magic mushrooms.

3. Pay for the Product

Any buyer needs to look at the range of the prices. Some dealers tend to exploit buyers with insufficient information concerning the price of a unit of magic mushrooms.

Comparison of several dealers and inquiring about vital information from their customer care services is vital. This consideration is a beneficial factor in tips on buying magic mushrooms in Canada.

4. Order Processing

This next step in tips on buying magic mushrooms in Canada is initiated immediately after payment is received. Most of the dealers prefer money transfers from Canadian bank accounts.

The buyer must receive an email of confirmation of reception of payment and the beginning of order processing. The email received will reflect the type of product purchased and further instructions and details when necessary.

5. Shipping of the Product

After the purchase is processed, the dealer initiates the action of shipping the product to the buyer’s location. This process is not complex; the buyer is emailed with a tracking number and the perceived date and time of arrival.

Products purchased are usually shifted together, so the time required for shipping may vary by the number of customers.

6. The Arrival of the Product

After shipping, the product arrives at its final destination. Upon arrival, the buyer is notified through email, and the buyer is obligated to pick up the product from the dealer’s agent’s office.

The buyer will be required to provide complete identification, which should match the details on the package. This final step in tips on buying magic mushrooms in Canada is simple with no complexity.


Despite the perception of society that users abuse magic mushrooms, it is gaining popularity across the Canadian nation due to its soothing effects on psychological issues. This medicinal effect has obligated the Canadian government to consider legalization. A buyer should never feel guilty of offence when purchasing magic mushrooms in Canada.

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