THC is an active and a prominent chemical a compound composed in a cannabis plant it is the main component involved in giving the users a high feel, though it has a medical benefit and may be considered safe it also has side effects with it. Its effects hit differently considering the difference in Eating vs Drinking THC which includes;

Rate of uptake

THC can be consumed in the body in the form of eating by mixing cannabis with normal food at the same time THC can be drunk by mixing cannabis with normal drinks and then taken into the body.

Therefore considering Eating vs Drinking THC there is a difference in the rate of uptake, where drunk THC is highly absorbed immediately after it reaches the mouth, and particles dissolve in saliva this is because the particles are tiny and are easily absorbable into the bloodstream 

On the other hand, eaten THC takes a longer period to be absorbed as it first requires to be fully digested into fine particles that are absorbable into the bloodstream, therefore drunk THC has a rate of uptake compared to eaten THC.

Lasting of effects

 Considering Eating vs Drinking THC there is a difference in the period at which the effects of THC are felt in an individual without reduction.

THC consumed by drinking effects are felt for a shorter time and then disappears this is due to being in very tiny particles which tend to be finished fast as well as being consumed fast and its effects start immediately 

On the other hand, THC consumed by eating its effects tend to stay for a longer period as it requires to be digested fast, and since digestion is a slower process that follows steps THC is absorbed into the bloodstream slow by slow for a longer period compared to the one drunk which is drunk at once.

Amount of Consumption

There is a great difference in the amount of THC consumed if we consider Eating vs Drinking THC while drinking the user may stick to the planned amount as the effects are felt immediately and the user may not consider adding another amount.

On the other hand, THC consumed by eating its effects takes longer to be felt this may lead to the user adding more THC thinking it is not working and in the process end up consuming a lot of unplanned amounts of THC.

Being Active

THC consumed by drinking is more active as molecules are less compacted together, and they move freely thus are more active unlike the one consumed by eating which are in a solid form and molecules are highly compacted together thus do not move freely therefore being less active.


From the above information, we conclude there is a difference in the effectiveness of THC depending on the mode of consumption, so while consuming THC either for medicinal purposes you will be able to make a wise decision on whether to consume it through drinking or eating.

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