Despite its popularity there is very little available information on matters regarding CBDs and pets. The research is perfectly underway and the advancement is quite tremendous. There are however few lingering questions that pet owners have regarding the health effects and benefits of using CBD products on their pets. These questions are very legitimate since a pet is an affectionate possession and it would be very careless to expose it to unnecessary risks.

So which are some of the questions people ask when considering the prospect of administering CBD products on their pets?

  1. Are CBD products harmful to pets?

Normally CBD products are very safe to use on pets. There is however a need to be very careful which additive has been incorporated in the products. It is also common knowledge that the presence of extreme levels of THC can be toxic to pets. Pet owners therefore are advised to confirm with their dealers whether there is any THC in the CBD product and if present the amount. It is also important to try and find out whether your pet is allergic to some properties of CBDs.  Pet owners are advised to avoid giving their pets the same CBD products they have for personal use. This is because CBD products for human beings are engineered differently from those ones for animal consumption.

  1. How should I know the proper dosage?

CBD products are rarely administered in vet clinics. This means that most pet owners purchase CBD products individually and they have to determine the proper dosage all by themselves buyweedonline There are few factors one must consider when administering the proper dosage to pets. The first factor is the type of the pet.  Different pets react differently to different dosage of CBD products. The dosage to be administered to a cat is very different to the dosage administered to a dog and so on. The other factor to be considered is whether it is the first time or it is a regular consumer. First time users as always should have smaller doses. The other factor although insignificant is the weight of the pet. Pets with more weight are given larger amounts of CBD products for the optimum results.

  1. Can I feed my pet CBD products even without being ill?

As well as having medicinal properties CBD products can be used for recreational purposes. There is no problem with giving your pet CBD products even when not ill. CBD oil online dispensary canada is known to lower the levels of anxiety in pets so, if you want your pets to be docile at a certain period you can give them CBD oil even if it is not for medical purposes. CBDs are also known to inhibit the growth of cancerous cell so administering them regularly even without the presence of an illness can be advantageous.

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